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Veterans In Crisis Line

We launched the Veterans In Crisis Line in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic and the rising number of veteran suicides. The line has been run from the start by our inspirational manager Kate, who gives so much of her time organising a team of almost 30 volunteers made up of veterans, serving Armed Forces personnel and Forces Family members who are ready and waiting for the phone to ring to lend an ear to any veteran who is perhaps struggling with post traumatic stress disorder or any of the related problems that stem from untreated and undiagnosed PTSD. Our extensive research tells us that everything from addiction, offending behaviour, housing problems, domestic situations to suicide is related somewhere along the line to PTSD. That’s the reason we are called the PTSD Project, but doesn’t mean that we exclusively deal with veterans with the disorder; any veteran (or serving) of HM Armed Forces can call us to ask for support, information, guidance etc.

No  veteran of HM Armed Forces should be sleeping rough. Unfortunately many are. We aim to change that with our Homes 4 Heroes Initiative. We have established close links with housing authorities and landlords around the UK in our bid to get our Forces veterans off the streets. We aim to do what others have failed to despite their vast resources. any veteran can apply to use the services of Homes 4 Heroes.

The best way you can support the PTSD Project UK and initiatives like Homes 4 Heroes and Veterans In Crisis Line is to play the Veterans’ Benefit Lottery from just £1 per week. You will have the chance to win one of 28 cash prizes each week and just by entering you will help to change the lives of HM Armed Forces Veterans. 100% of the profits, after prizes are awarded is used to pay for the services which are free to veterans and always will be.

Donate to PTSD Project UK - 100% to the cause

We rely on the Great British Public to buy our products, play our lotteries and raffles & make donations. We are totally independent and take no government funding. We wish to be answerable only to the veterans and our members. Our services are free and always will be. And they are all provided by volunteers giving their time for free. You can give a one-off donation or support us regularly with a monthly donation. These types of donation give us stability and the ability to plan and grow our services. 

"The lads from the PTSD Project UK have got my life back on track. I went from the Army to the streets via alcohol, depression and thoughts of suicide. I'm in my own flat now and getting therapy".

neil, ex royal signals


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Leave your name and email below along with what you are looking for in the message box. One of the team will be in touch. If you are a Veteran In Crisis you can call 0300 365 0333 between 10 am and Midnight 7 Days a Week

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