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It has been a busy week, one in which we have made several breakthroughs with the ability to house veterans in almost every area of the UK. This initiative we are calling Homes4Heroes and it has no connection to any other organisation. It is not a separate legal entity, just an initiative and one of which we are sure will be very successful if given the support of the public of course. 


We were contacted by somebody from another organisation recently about the name being similar to theirs, but we are not connected to them and do not and have never claimed to be anything to do with any other organisation, in fact we tell everybody that we are totally independent. One of the reasons we do not apply for or receive funding from Government agencies is that we intend to maintain independence and as such can serve the veterans and our supporters in any way we choose, which is free from ‘red tape’ and the need to get clearance from anybody else.


We are run by Committee and decisions are simply agreed by a majority and implemented, which we find is the best way to help veterans and to do it quickly. 

Our legally registered Non Profit Organisation is registered under the name that is in the contact us section of the website and in the footer too. When you apply to register a Non Profit, it is only approved by the relevant bodies if they deem the name to be suitable and not in conflict with any other organisation’s intellectual property rights etc.


We believe wholeheartedly in cooperating with other like minded organisations and will help in any way we can. Veterans are our primary concern and our whole purpose for operating is to serve their best interests. All organisations should be the same and we assume them to be so, and in the spirit of this we offer to help those organisations if we can. 

For example if a veterans organisation wants to host their website on the server of one of our volunteers, the offer is there and is open (and has been for many months in fact). The volunteer in question has also offered to help with a website totally free of charge too for any veterans organisation who wishes to take up the offer.

More than one veterans organisation has a totally free designed and hosted website due to this offer and it is a genuine one with no expectation of favour in return or payment in any way at all. It’s simply helping charitable organisations and other good causes in the purest way possible, nothing more, nothing less.

With that in mind, if you need help in this way or with any other issue that we can help with we will do our best to help if we can, after all we are all in this together, we all have the best interests of veterans at heart and we have the same objectives and goals, namely to improve the lives and futures of veterans of HM Armed Forces in any way we can.


Thanks for taking the time to read. Please consider joining the  Veterans’ Benefit Lottery for just £1 per week as it helps us to grow the services we offer and to maintain the ones we already provide.

Our current initiatives are as follows:


Veterans’ Business Start Up Scheme

Veterans In Crisis Line

PTSD Project UK Walk In Centres 


From time to time we will raise awareness and funds for other initiatives which are all listed on the website and social media at the time. All the activities of the PTSD Project UK – Veterans In Crisis will be published formally at the end of the year along with our financial accounts for those interested in seeing how we are doing. When you realise the effect on us that the pandemic has had, maybe you will sign up to help us! It has been a tough time, when all businesses and charities etc have been massively supported financially by the Government we have stuck resolutely to our principles and have no intention of deviating from them now or in the future. 

God Save The Queen