Vulnerable Veterans Scheme

If you run into a bad situation whilst you are ill or injured, we will be there to act in your best interests.

You are not alone, The PTSD Project UK are with you.

We are your brothers in arms, you may have left the active armed forces community but you are now part of The PTSD Project UK community.

This is an initiative run by The PTSD Project UK designed to protect veterans of the Armed Forces against malfeasance and mistreatment.

A self-registration is the only way to join the scheme; you cannot apply for somebody else, on their behalf because you are concerned about them.

If you find yourself in the position where you think that a loved one may benefit from being a part of the scheme, you should introduce them to the principals of it and direct them to the website in order that they can decide for themselves whether or not they would like to be part of the programme.

There should be no stigma attached to joining, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a battlefield injury and you wouldn’t be ashamed if you had lost your legs due to an IED.

In the same way an amputee has a recovery network and people looking out for his or her rights, a veteran suffering with PTSD has us looking out for them.

We will never disclose membership of the scheme apart from when it is in the best interests of the client or where their well being may not allow them to make reasonable decisions.

Our aim is to protect the interests of our members when they are in a vulnerable position or situation.

Whilst we cannot and would never try to intervene in matters that involved the police or the courts, we would notify the relevant authorities of the veterans’ service and their current condition.

It is then of course a matter for the authorities to deal with the veteran in a way they see fit and appropriate. We have simply made it known that it is a veteran in their custody and that they are potentially vulnerable.

When a soldier, sailor or airman/woman becomes a civilian they go through a major upheaval and drastic change to their life, sometimes this is a situation they have engineered themselves but on other occasions the decision has been taken for them.

Equally, retirement age can be as much of a shock as court martial. This is a time when the new civilian is at a vulnerable stage of their life, a time of great stress and possibly anxiety about what the future holds without the job that has been their life for so long.

At this point alcohol can become an issue, with increasingly more time on their hands and family life will also be completely different.

No longer will the veteran be gone for weeks and months at a time, but will be in the home amongst his or her family for prolonged periods for the first time in many years.

Without going into detailed descriptions of all the pitfalls of life as a veteran, there are many, and these pitfalls make a veteran vulnerable. This veteran should register for our services too, as a protective measure for possible future events that could develop.

After all what is it they say about the three P’s? Poor preparation and poor performance or something?


Most frequent questions and answers

You can call our Veterans In Crisis Line 0300 365 0333 to register with one of our volunteers… or you can complete a simple contact form which can be submitted to begin the registration process too.

If you decide to call 0300 365 0333, you will be dealt with in a courteous, friendly but professional manner and it goes without saying that your personal information will be stored safely and securely in accordance with the law and that utmost discretion is guaranteed as you would expect when dealing with a fellow veteran.

No. All services provided by The PTSD Project UK are free and always will be. We work hard to raise all of the funds ourselves and we are all volunteers so there are no salaries to pay. The Veterans’ Benefit Lottery is an important part of our future as it gives us a degree of security and the ability to plan ahead.  

We are not reliant on Government funding or grants so we can’t be the victim of cuts. The generosity of the public and the members of the Veterans’ Benefit Lottery make all of this possible and of course our Veteran Volunteers man the phones


We will simply ‘have your back’, protect you when you are sick/injured, make sure that your rights are not infringed whilst you are incapacitated or suffering from traumatic episodes. We are just like your mates from service days. We won’t ever leave you behind and we will never let you down. We believe that veterans should not be left to our own devices upon discharge from the Armed Forces, but should have a support network to go to, which is why this initiative was launched. Perhaps at some point in the future you can help the next set of veterans, we are always looking for volunteers. 

Your allocated volunteer will alert the authorities of your veteran status and of your medical issues. By registering with us you are considered a vulnerable adult at the point you are ill/injured. As such you are afforded special rights and we will make sure you get them.

When you enrol with the Vulnerable Veterans Reigstry (VVR) you are given a card to keep on your person and the police will find it when you are taken into custody. If you can give it to them yourself, then you should do so. They will call us and one of the veterans who volunteers will come to support you and make sure that you are being treated correctly.

Your information is closely guarded and held in compliance with GDPR laws. Web would never disclose your personal information to anybody unless it was in your best interests. Your private life is your own, and that also goes for when you call the Veterans In Crisis Line; the call can be considered confidential unless certain things are said, it’s pretty much common sense but you can read more about it in the page Veterans In Crisis Line

Veterans In Crisis Line is a free number to call from landlines and the majority of mobiles. You don’t necessarily have to be ‘in crisis’ to call though. It’s a place to talk to somebody who understands. The line is totally funded by the Veterans’ Benefit Lottery and of course, just like in every other part of The PTSD Project UK, the phones are answered by volunteers.

More often than not, a veteran of the Armed Forces themselves, or somebody with a close personal connection and a knowledge and understanding of forces life. You don’t necessarily need to be ‘in crisis’ to call the line, maybe you prefer speaking to somebody on the phone as opposed to the option of completing an online form.

Your allocated volunteer will alert the authorities of your veteran status and of your medical issues. By registering with us you are considered a vulnerable adult at the point you are ill/injured. As such you are afforded special rights and we will make sure you get them.

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